R4B Upgrade Wizard

In the Forge Community Edition you can only perform a project analysis.


The R4 and R4B versions of Forge feature a R4B Upgrade Wizard for your FHIR project.


The wizard only supports upgrading a R4 project to R4B.

The wizard comprises two parts:

  • Analysis

  • Upgrade

The wizard in the R4 version of Forge can only perform a project analysis. You will need the R4B version of Forge to be able to upgrade your project.

The R4B Upgrade Wizard can be found in the Project menu and in the context menu of a project item in the Session Explorer.

Documentation on the web

The following links provide useful information on R4 versus R4B:


Forge categorises R4B changes using the following status descriptions:




Resources or files that cannot be upgraded. For example because the file is not

a FHIR resource or the resource is already a R4B resource.


Resource types that have not changed in R4B.


Resource types that have been deprecated in R4B.


Resource types that only have additional new features in R4B.


Resource types that have some changes in R4B.


Resource types that have extensive changes in R4B.

After analysing all your project files, the wizard shows a list with the number of files that have been found for each status category.

Analysis Result

Click Next > to view the analysis summary.

Analysis Summary

The summary page gives a recommendation for upgrading, two links to R4B information on the HL7 website and a list of the resource types that you use in your project that have changes in R4B.


Click Next > to view the upgrade options.

Upgrade Options
  • Try to correct any errors in my resources

    When this option is checked each resource is automatically loaded after upgrading. Forge will then validate all elements and correct any invalid elements.

  • Open upgraded project after completion

    When this option is checked Forge will open the upgraded project after completion.

If you have used the name of a structure definition type in your resource (for example MyMedicinalProductIngredient) and that structure definition type has been renamed in R4B then you have the option to update the name in the upgraded resource as well (i.e. to MyIngredient). The wizard can inspect the following elements and update the value if it contains the old structure definition name:

  • metadata Canonical url

  • metadata Name

  • metadata Title


The upgrade wizard does not rename your file.

Forge will create a new folder for your upgraded project using the name of your R4 project folder and appending it with -R4B (for example ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B). All your project folders and files will be copied to the new folder except for the .Simplifier system folder and git system folders (i.e. folders that start with .git).

Click Next > to start the upgrade.

Upgrade Options

When the upgrade process has finished a log file is created in the new project folder.

Upgrade log for C:\Users\Rob\Documents\FHIR\ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B\ACMEbaseObservationLab.StructureDefinition.xml
        4.0.1 > 4.3.0
        Observation.subject > New target types available for type reference: Organization, Procedure, Practitioner, Medication, Substance
Upgrade log for C:\Users\Rob\Documents\FHIR\ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B\ACMEbaseOrganization.xml
            4.0.1 > 4.3.0
Upgrade log for C:\Users\Rob\Documents\FHIR\ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B\ACMEbasePatient.StructureDefinition.xml
            4.0.1 > 4.3.0
Upgrade log for C:\Users\Rob\Documents\FHIR\ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B\ACMEbasePractitioner.StructureDefinition.xml
            4.0.1 > 4.3.0
Upgrade log for C:\Users\Rob\Documents\FHIR\ACMEBaseProfilesR4-R4B\ACMECoreSmokingStatusProfile.xml
            4.0.1 > 4.3.0