Release notes

Release 28.1


  • Logical model: the Add element button now features a drop down list to add an element with a default type already selected (only for most frequent used types).

  • Synchronizing with more elegant handling of the Not Found response. Possible causes for this response are:

    • The project url key has changed

    • The project no longer exists on Simplifier

    • You no longer have access to the project

  • Files with the extension .fsh and .ico can now be synchronized with Simplifier as well.

  • Forge bootstrapper now detects Windows Arm64 for the installation of the correct .NET 5 Desktop Runtime

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various minor UI styling issues

    • Some element labels were shown twice since version 28.0

  • When opening a bundle with a constrained entry.resource, the resource was not shown in the element tree.

  • The Save button is now always available and the save operation is always executed. This solves:

    • not being able to click the Save button while editing a text field

    • after toggling the Save snapshot component option and clicking Save the file is not saved unless there are pending changes

  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the minimum cardinality for extension arrays where an extension already has a minimum cardinality value set.

  • Fixed inherited example values being allowed to be edited or deleted. They are now disabled for editing.

  • When creating a new profile and the file has not been saved yet and Forge detected a file change outside of Forge, Forge would incorrectly show a message that the profile was deleted outside of Forge.

  • Fixed not being able to open a resource with duplicate element ids since version 28.0

  • Logical model:

    • content reference field could not be edited

    • type property was not visible after (re)loading the resource when no type was selected

    • an added type could not be removed after (re)loading the resource

    • type emptiness validation did not evaluate properly after (re)loading the resource

  • [STU3] Not possible to save logical models in version 28.0

  • [R4B-R5] Fixed inability to create new profiles in version 28.0. Now using the most recent FHIR version:

    • R4B - 4.3.0-snapshot1

    • R5 - 5.0.0-snapshot1

Release 28.0


  • Upgrade to Firely .NET SDK 3.8.1.

  • Added support for synchronizing project files with Removed Import from/Publish to Server.

  • Improved performance

    • opening/closing files

    • switching between tabs/documents

    • editing with many documents opened

    • editing profiles with many nested sections

  • Added support for multi selection in the project list for opening multiple files.

  • Added Reload/Save/Close All commands to the project context menu in the session bar.

  • Improved visual feedback for resources that cannot be opened.

  • The creation of modifier extensions is now possible.

  • The default path value for Discriminator type pattern is now set to $this. Added $this and resolve() to the path dropdown list.

  • The Initialize global mappings option is now turned off by default.

  • Removed the shortcut option for adding fixing system and codes.

  • Moved release notes to

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various minor UI styling issues.

  • If a logical model violates sdf-1, Forge does not open the file. Illegal slicing elements are now removed.

  • Adding Extensions in Forge doesn’t show the cardinality.

  • Forge gives errors when creating polymorphic elements in logical models.

  • Derived profile contains wrong Min cardinality even though it was not changed in regards to the base profile.

  • When creating an extension and limiting the value[x] the comment: “A stream of bytes, base64 encoded” is shown.

  • Missing invariant check txt-2 on Narrative.div.

  • Forge adds unexplainable slicing details in the differential.

  • Snapshot generator removes or ommits an extension when the element type has a custom profile.

  • After slicing a choice element and saving it, the names of the slices are reset to “no name” after reloading.

  • You could open the same project folder multiple times.

  • The project list view was not updated after creating a new Search Parameter or Operation Definition resource.

  • [STU3] Not possible to create/edit Logical Models in Forge 27.3.1.

  • [R4-R5] Extensions don’t show in what context they are supposed to be used

  • [R4-R5] Forge allows definition of default values in Profiles. Constraint sdf-21 is now enforced.

Release 27.3.1

Bug fixes

  • Forge prerequisite check did not take .NET 5 updates into account.

Release 27.3

R4B Support

The first release of Forge for FHIR R4B. This alpha release is based on FHIR preview release 4.1.0, which is part of the FHIR R4B version range.


Please note that as both the FHIR version and this Forge alpha version are far from definitive, Forge 27.3 alpha may or may not contain unexpected errors and missing functionality.

There is experimental support for migrating R4 profiles to R4B.


  • Upgrade to Firely .NET SDK 3.4.0.

  • Upgrade to .NET 5.

Bug fixes

  • Faulty slicing behaviour in extension.

  • Extension misplacement.

  • Forge not enforcing slicing rules element.

  • regex should be warning only. This was already a warning but the tooltip suggested that it was an error. Changed tooltip title to “Validation messages:”.

  • Index was out of range error when saving profile.

  • Forge now calculates the minimum cardinality for extension arrays. Note that in order to update your existing profiles in this regard you need to open and then save a profile again.

  • Removed “New Implementation Guide” menu option (feature was not supported anyway).

  • [R4-R5] Forge cannot extend choice[x] elements.

Release 27.1


  • New user interface styling.

  • Upgrade to Firely .NET SDK 3.2.0.

  • Forge is now compatible with the latest version of Firely Terminal regarding package cache and resolving canonicals in dependencies.

  • The filter option for the Extend element dialog has been moved to the toolbar.

Bug fixes

  • Some user interface elements did not scale properly when the font size was changed.

Release 26.1


  • Upgrade to Firely .NET SDK 2.0.1.

  • ‘Must support’ is now possible on Extension definitions and their element definitions.

Bug fixes

  • If you had profiled any of the common resource elements (e.g. id, meta) those elements would not show up on top of the XML/JSON.

  • Extending elements now show up in the right order.

  • [STU3] In some edge cases, elements would be duplicated. This is no longer the case.

  • [R4-R5] Logical models with an empty root type can now be opened.

Release 25.1


  • Core extensions are no longer included in profiled elements.

  • Manually added extensions to ElementDefinition or its children are retained.

  • The ‘FHIR version’ profile field is now editable. For new profiles, it is initialized to 4.0.1 (R4) or 3.0.2 (STU3) (but can thus be changed).

  • For profiles containing ‘versioned’ references (|x.y.z), the version is now ignored when resolving the dependency.

  • [STU3] When opening a profile for a deprecated FHIR version, you now have the option to leave the version unchanged.

Bug fixes

  • Invalid package versions do not lead to unstable behavior anymore

  • Additional slices would inadvertantly copy info from an existing slice

  • The XML order of extension definitions within a slice was wrong and has been corrected

  • [R4-R5] Removed duplicate ‘Type(s)’ in Element Property

Release 24.2

R5 Support

The first release of Forge for FHIR R5 on April 7, 2020. This alpha release is based on FHIR preview release 4.2.0, which is part of the FHIR R5 version range


Please note that as both the FHIR version and this Forge alpha version are far from definitive, Forge 24.2 alpha may or may not contain unexpected errors and missing functionality.


  • A link has been added pointing to your portal page on (in the menu under your profile picture)

  • [R4] Forge would inherit normative extensions from the FHIR specification. Although formally correct, inheritance has been disabled for now Extensions in existing profiles can be removed by opening and then saving the profile.

Bug fixes

  • Unjustified message ‘Cannot further constrain a fixed value that is defined in a base profile’ when using an extension in a profile has been removed.

  • Forge no longer reports an error when FHIR Core extensions are referenced.

  • Selecting particular extension contexts in Forge 24.1 would lead to some nasty errors, which have been corrected.

  • FHIR path expressions in JSON or XML now contain ‘or’ instead of the faulty ‘|’ as a logical operator.

  • Preview packages now show up again in the package search.

  • [STU3] Upon creating a subsequent slice, Forge would inadvertedly copy values from the existing slice .

Release 24.1

Updating to .NET API 1.5, which incorporates the technical correction in FHIR release 4.0.1 (R4) or 3.0.2 (STU3).


  • Opening and editing FHIR 4.0.1 (R4) and 3.0.2 (STU3) profiles is now possible.

  • New profiles are automatically FHIR 4.0.1 (R4) and 3.0.2 (STU3) profiles.

  • [STU3] Forge now retains manually added extensions to a profile.

  • [R4] Restored the slicing header element for sliced elements of type value[x], since implicit slicing is not supported by other tools (yet).

Bug fixes

  • Forge is signed with a renewed certificate.

  • Edited cardinality on a type slice would not be loaded from a profile correctly.

  • Any overridden slicing detail would remove all remaining slicing details.

Release 24.0

This Sydney 2020 Edition release introduces a tighter coupling with, simplifying the way Forge integrates with


  • The new Forge license makes the new pricing model official, differentiating between paid license plans and Forge Community Edition, which remains free for non-commercial use.

  • You now log in to when you start Forge. The separate logins for import/export from/to are removed.

  • Incompatible packages are omitted from the package result list. Package versions implementing a FHIR version not supported by Forge can not be added anymore.

  • A package search without results now clears the result list.

  • Clickthrough on resource warnings (bottom pane) is restored.

For known issues, please check: Known issues.