Forge Options

Forge provides several options regarding rendering and saving in the Options menu.

The options menu in Forge


User Interface

The user interface settings
  • Night Time

    Switch between light and dark color theme for the Forge user interface.

../_images/Settings_NightTime_Off.png ../_images/Settings_NightTime_On.png

Night Time Off

Night Time On

  • Xml Folding

    When turned on allows you to collapse and expand nodes in the XML viewer.

../_images/Settings_XmlFolding_Off.png ../_images/Settings_XmlFolding_On.png

Xml Folding Off

Xml Folding On

  • Show common resource elements (id, meta, …)

    Shows or hides common resource elements in the Element Tree.

../_images/Settings_CommonElements_Off.png ../_images/Settings_CommonElements_On.png

Show common resource elements Off

Show common resource elements On

  • Show child elements when sliced

    This option allows you to see the constraints that can be put on the sliced element. These constraints are implemented on all the slices. This is summarized in the “All slice” once rendered on Simplifier.

../_images/Settings_SliceElements_Off.png ../_images/Settings_SliceElements_On.png

Show child elements when sliced Off

Show child elements when sliced On

  • Expand all constrained elements on load

    This option will expand constrained elements in the Element Tree when a resource is loaded.

../_images/Settings_ExpandElements_Off.png ../_images/Settings_ExpandElements_On.png

Expand constrained elements Off

Expand constrained elements On

  • Force garbage collection on unload

    When switched on this option will try to free up system memory when you close a document.

  • Disable hardware rendering

    If you encounter rendering issues with the Forge user interface then those are most likely caused by the video driver. In that case you can turn off hardware rendering.

  • Element Tree modified style

    Selects how modified elements in the Element Tree are displayed.

../_images/Settings_ModifiedStyle_Dimmed.png ../_images/Settings_ModifiedStyle_Pen.png

Unmodified elements are displayed dimmed

Modified elements are indicated with a pen


The persistence settings
  • Resolve resources from subfolders

    Indicates the default setting for whether or not subfolders should be included when searching for resources in your project folder. You can always change the setting in the Open FHIR Project Folder dialog.

  • Auto update publication data

    When switched on this option will update the Date element of a conformance resource to the current date and time when uploading a resource to Simplifier.

  • Save snapshot component

    This option allows you to generate and include the snapshot component of a structure definition when saving a file to disk.

  • Save with UTF-8 Byte Order Mark (BOM)

    The UTF-8 BOM is a sequence of bytes at the start of a text file (0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF) that allows the reader to more reliably guess a file as being encoded in UTF-8.

  • Xml declaration

    Xml documents can contain an Xml declaration that if present, must be the first construct in the document and it looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>. Forge has three options that allow you to specify when Xml declarations are saved to a resource:

    • Same as source

    • Include

    • Omit

    Note that when saving resources that are newly created, duplicated or upgraded, the Xml declaration is included when the option is set to Same as source or Include and omitted when set to Omit.

  • Xml indent size

    The indent size to use when saving Xml files.

  • Json indent size

    The indent size to use when saving Json files.


The FHIR settings
  • Validate FHIRPath expressions

    All FHIRPath expressions in your resource are validated when this option is checked.

  • Initialize global mappings from base profile

    When creating a new profile this option will copy all the mappings from the base profile to the new profile.

  • Discard DomainResource.text values

    When this option is checked the text element of a DomainResource is cleared when it is opened. In effect this will clear the Narrative of your resource.



The folders settings
  • Parent folder FHIR projects

    The default parent folder for your FHIR projects.