Introduction to is a FHIR registry. Within this registry you can create, upload, download, find and view FHIR Conformance Resources. offers functionality for management of FHIR Resources and collaboration in teams.

FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) is an HL7 standard for information exchange in health care. It is based on Internet technology. More information about FHIR can be found at HL7 FHIR.

FHIR Profiling

The FHIR Profiling tool Forge ( can be used off-line and independently from

Simplifier accounts distinguishes between free (personal) plans and paid plans. Anyone can find and download Resources in this Registry, with or without an account. Creating Resources requires an account. Paid plans are targeted at professional users and organizations.

Simplifier content

Simplifier content is organized at four levels: Users, Resources, Projects and Organizations.

Users have access to a personal environment as well as free or paid features depending on their account level.

Simplifier is a repository for FHIR resources. There are a multitude of resources that are available to the public including profiles, extensions, valuesets, dictionaries, mappings, examples and more.

All FHIR resources are organized in projects, which can be either public or private. Each user can add one public project for free (paid accounts allow for adding more or private projects), making him/her the owner of the project. Depending on the account level more projects can be added. The features available in the project depend on the project settings as well as the account level.

Organizations only exist for the highest account plan. One or more projects and users can be added to an organization.

Firely is created and managed by Firely, formerly known as Furore Health Informatics. We are a group of software engineers, support engineers and FHIR consultants, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have been involved in HL7 FHIR since day one and have been contributing to the standard ever since. For more information about our company, please visit