Overview of Simplifier.net

Collaborating on a FHIR project

Simplifier is a FHIR collaboration and publishing platform, where you can create, upload, download, find an view FHIR resources. Simplifier is the best place to collaborate on FHIR projects with your team.

FHIR Registry

Simplifier is the backbone for the FHIR registry. The FHIR registry enables you to search for published FHIR resources created for STU3 in International, National, Institute or Regional projects on Simplifier.net. Test projects are excluded. The aim of this registry is to encourage re-use of profiles and extensions by providing a centralised search location for all of them. The registry supports free-text search as well as the following parameters:

  • resourceType: search by resource type, (e.g. resourceType:Patient)

  • jurisdiction: search by jurisdiction code in a conformance resource (e.g. jurisdiction:US)

Below you can download a quick guide to the FHIR registry, which was made for the HL7 Working Group Meeting in New Orleans (Jan, 2018).

Quick guide to the FHIR registry (pdf)

Simplifier accounts

Simplifier offers everyone a free plan which allows you to find and download resources from the Simplifier FHIR registry. Each user can add one public project for free, making the user the owner of the project. For professional users and organizations we offer several paid plans which come with additional functionality and benefits . Paid accounts are able to create more and private projects depending on the account level.

FHIR Profiling

With your Simplifier account you also get access to our FHIR profiling tool Forge. Forge allows you to build your FHIR Data Model and tailor-fit it to your specific needs.

Simplifier content

Simplifier is specially created for Data Modelers, Developers and Clinical Informatics Specialists. The available FHIR content is organized at four levels: Users, Resources, Projects and Organizations. You can import your FHIR resources and make use of the seamless integration between Forge and Simplifier.

In the video below you will see a tutorial of how all our tools work together and how to start with creating your own FHIR Implementation Guide.

Learning more

Firely offers trainings if you would like to get more familiar with Simplifier and/or Data Modeling. You can pick a timeslot that fits your schedule, and these trainings can be tailored to the needs of you and your team. In addition to the Simplifier and Modeling trainings there is also a wide range of other courses available to get acquainted or more experienced with FHIR and the FHIR tooling provided by Firely. Additional information, such as eBooks and Case Studies, can be found on Firely’s resource page. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our interesting blogposts.

Working with Simplifier

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