Release Notes

This page contains the release notes of the current major version of (v29).

Release 29.5.0, December 15th, 2022


  1. FHIRPath: A FHIRPath playground is now available at

  2. Validator: A validator playground is now available at

  3. IG: You can now reference resources in your IG using resourceType/ID of the resource. This is helpful for e.g. linking to specific examples.

  4. Github: It is now possible to link multiple projects to one Github repository branch.

  5. Reporting issues: The process for submitting issues has been made easier by allowing users that are not yet logged in to see the issue button. Upon clicking the issue button they will be guided to log in.

  6. Packages: Unlisted packages have been made more easily distinguishable.

  7. Beta: The package graph visualisation page is now available for beta users.


  1. Firely server: In the previous version of users with MAC OS experienced that after trying to download and run the project as a FHIR server in Docker, the CapabilityStatement of Firely server was not loading correctly on first try. This issue was caused by the Windows OS specific seperators in the Powershell scripts that are downloaded when pressing the yellow download button. This issue is now fixed and users should be able to succesfully try out Firely server via this route on MAC OS, with the CapabilityStatement loeding correctly on first try.

  2. IG: the use of multiple pagelinks within one sentence in the IG previously led to rendering issues. This has been fixed and it is now possible to use multiple pagelinks within one sentence without breakage or error.

Known issues

As of this moment no issues are listed for this version of simplifier yet. If you come across an issue and it is not listed here, please contact us at or (for customers) our premium support desk.

All our tooling is built on top of the official Firely .NET SDK developed and managed by Firely. The SDK is open source and maintained on Github and issues are publicly tracked there.

HL7 is maintaining a known issue list for the FHIR specifications on their Confluence.