Quality Control: Validating FHIR Projects

This specification describes how to write (and read) rules for the Simplifier Quality Control Engine.

Simplifier.net Quality Control progress bar

Example of Quality Control being executed on a project

Simplifier.net and Firely Terminal come with a Quality Control engine, helping you to improve the quality of your FHIR projects. The QC engine performs a series of rule checks on selected files in your Simplifier.net projects, on your local computer or at every change of your source code repository.

There are two default rulesets available, which run FHIR validation on all FHIR resources and a set of rules we at Firely recommend. Additionally, you can define any number of custom business rules to enforce your own custom profiling standards.

The results of running a ruleset

The results of running a ruleset in a Simplifier.net project