Reset the database

If you have set up Firely Server as a reference server in a testing environment, it can be useful to reset the database. You would usually do this in combination with Preloading resources.

To reset the database, execute:

POST http(s)://<firely-server-endpoint>/administration/reset

Firely Server will return statuscode 200 if the operation succeeded.

If you are not permitted to perform the reset, Firely Server will return statuscode 403.


On a large database this operation may take a while.

An alternative, if you have direct access to the database server, is to delete the database altogether and have Firely Server recreate it again.

  • If you run on SQL Server, see Using SQL server for the AutoUpdateDatabase feature.

  • If you run on MongoDB, Firely Server will recreate the collection by default if it is not present.

Although the operation requires no further arguments, it requires a POST, since it is certainly not side-effect free.