Snapshot generation - $snapshot

Firely Server is capable of generating a snapshot for a StructureDefinition. This operation is not defined in the FHIR Specification.

You can invoke this operation with

POST <firely-server-endpoint>/StructureDefinition/$snapshot
  • The body must contain the StructureDefinition that you want filled with a fresh snapshot. The StructureDefinition may contain an existing snapshot, it will be ignored.

  • The Content-Type header must match the format of the body (application/fhir+json or application/fhir+xml)

Firely Server will return the same StructureDefinition, but with the snapshot element (re-)generated.


The very first call to $snapshot will take a considerable amount of time, typically around 5 seconds. This is because Firely Server maintains a cache of StructureDefinition information, and on the first call that cache is still empty. Subsequent calls are much faster.


Firely Server must be aware of all the other StructureDefinitions that are referred to by the StructureDefinition in the body of the request. Refer to the Managing Conformance Resources for more information.