Configure the Administration API

This configuration is part of Firely Server settings.

"Administration": {
  "Repository": "SQLite", //Memory / SQL / MongoDb
  "MongoDbOptions": {
    "ConnectionString": "mongodb://localhost/vonkadmin",
    "EntryCollection": "vonkentries"
  "SqlDbOptions": {
    "ConnectionString": "connectionstring to your Firely Server Admin SQL Server database (SQL2012 or newer); Set MultipleActiveResultSets=True",
    "SchemaName": "vonkadmin",
    "AutoUpdateDatabase": true,
    "MigrationTimeout": 1800 // in seconds
    //"AutoUpdateConnectionString" : "set this to the same database as 'ConnectionString' but with credentials that can alter the database. If not set, defaults to the value of 'ConnectionString'"
  "SQLiteDbOptions": {
    "ConnectionString": "Data Source=./data/vonkadmin.db",
    "AutoUpdateDatabase": true,
    "MigrationTimeout": 1800 // in seconds
  "Security": {
    "AllowedNetworks": [ "::1" ], // i.e.: ["", "::1" (ipv6 localhost), "", "", ""]
    "OperationsToBeSecured": [ "reindex", "reset", "preload" ]

Choosing your storage

  1. Repository: Choose which type of repository you want. Valid values are:

  1. Memory

  2. SQL

  3. SQLite

  4. MongoDb

  1. MongoDbOptions: Use these with "Repository": "MongoDb", see Using MongoDB for details.

  2. SqlDbOptions: Use these with "Repository": "SQL", see Using SQL server for details.

  3. SQLiteDbOptions: Use these with "Repository": "SQLite", see Using SQLite for details.

Limited access

  1. Security: You can restrict access to the operations listed in OperationsToBeSecured to only be invoked from the IP addresses listed in AllowedNetworks.

  • Operations that can be secured are:

  • The AllowedNetworks have to be valid IP addresses, either IPv4 or IPv6, and masks are allowed.