Documentation RedirectionΒΆ

Each project and resource in Simplifier has a Documentation URL. If set, users that go to and enter a canonical URL will get automatically directed to that documentation url. The default (fallback) will be the resource page on Simplifier itself.

You can set the documentation URL of a single resource, but you can also set the the documentation URLs of all resources in the project, because Simplifier works with templates for the documentation URL.

To edit a documentation URL choose the Settings menu on a resource page or on the project page. Then choose Documentation URL.

You can choose several variable parts, like the projectkey or file key that we use in the URL in Simplifier and you can use several fields in your resource: the id, type, the profile base type, and the canonical URL itself. This allows you to just define one project level URL that will work for all resources on your project.

If no documentation URL is provided, Simplifier will default to the page on Simplifier itself as the location of your documentation.