Installing Docker For Windows

To install Docker For Windows, look at the official Docker pages and please make sure you install the Edge channel.

Shared Drives

After installing, make sure that Shared Drives has been enabled. To do this, open the settings for Docker for Windows and navigate to Shared Drives. Tick the drive you want to share and apply your settings:


More information about sharing drives can be found in the documentation on Docker Shared Drives.

If you have shared your drives before, please check whether the credentials are still valid. If you have changed your Windows password since, you will also have to update the credentials in Docker for Windows.


Linux Containers

Firely Server Docker containers are Linux Containers, not Windows Containers. So make sure Docker for Windows is using Linux Containers. See the documentation on Docker switching Container type if needed.


To test the installation, open your favorite command line tool and type the following command:

> docker version

This will result in the following:


To show which images are located on your machine, type:

> docker images


This example shows you a number of images. When you have just installed Docker For Windows, you probably won’t have any images located on your machine.