Firely Server Roadmap

This page lists the features and changes we have planned for the foreseeable future. This planning is volatile, so changes will happen. We will update this page accordingly. You are also very welcome to provide input to us on features or fixes that you would like to see prioritized.

Disclaimer: No rights can be derived from this roadmap.



  • FHIR Mapping improvements to support logical models like CDA

  • Better support for Sorting, starting with dates and times

  • Integration with external Terminology services

  • Patch

  • Audit log & Audit events

  • R4 search features

    • Search on reference by identifier


  • HIPAA/GDPR compliancy features

  • Extend support for Sorting

  • R4 search features

    • exponential numbers and quantities
    • identifier:oftype modifier
  • Async operations

  • Bulk data export


  • Revamp Administration API to ease the management of your Firely Server

    • Base it on FHIR packages
    • Separate service
    • Provide a UI
  • Experimental support for R5 Subscriptions

Further ideas

  • GraphDefinition support
  • GraphQL support
  • PostgreSQL repository implementation
  • Allow for plugins in other languages than .NET Core
  • Configurable XDS Facade
  • Configurable DICOM Facade